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“ตาม” [taam] as a preposition means “according to”, “as” or “along” e.g. “ตามคำสั่ง” [taam kam sàng] according to the order, “ตามตกลง” [taam tòk long] as agreed, “ตามถนน” [taam ta nǒn] along the street. And “นั้น” [nán] is a demonstrative adjective meaning “that”. For example, “อันนั้น” [an nán] that one or “คนนั้น” [kon nán] that person.…

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The word “ใกล้” [glâi], apart from meaning “to be close” or “to be near,” can also mean “almost” as well, for example;


[glâi těung léaw]
We’re almost there!

[glâi jòb léaw]
It’s almost over.

[glâi sàwp léaw]
The exams are right around the corner.

[glâi sǒnggraan léaw]
Songkran (Thai New Year’s) is coming up!…

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