“I have been using the Pickup Thai podcasts for a little over a year. I started studying Thai for fun a few years ago, and found that there were several beginners resources but not many lessons for advanced beginners and intermediate students. The Pickup Thai podcast have been exactly what I was hoping for. I have been using their intermediate podcasts called Sweet Green. I have been really impressed with and appreciative of how much work they put into each podcast. They typically have around an hour of audio, and pdf files that go with it. They list vocabulary and have transcripts so following along is really easy. The lessons are really fun and do more than just teach the language. They really capture some wonderful elements of Thai culture – like the playfulness that people express to each other with kindness and warmth. Learning from these podcasts has made the language come alive. The other thing that I want to mention is that I have received wonderful support after my purchase of the lessons. Any time I have had a question and email them I have gotten an answer and help very quickly. And every interaction has left me feeling happy to do business with them.” – Emilio D., Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

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