There are two main situations where you can use the expression “verb + ได้แล้ว [dâi léaw],” as follows.

1. When you want to express that you or someone can now do something or that something is ready.

กินได้แล้ว [gin dâi léaw]
You can eat now. (the food is ready)

นั่งได้แล้ว [nâng dâi léaw]
You can sit now. (I’ve finished cleaning the chair)

ผมกินเหล้าได้แล้ว [phǒm gin lâo dâi léaw]
I can drink now! (I’ve finally reached the minimum age for drinking alcohol)

ฉันขับรถได้แล้ว [chán kàp rót dâi léaw]
I can drive now! (I’ve passed the driving exam)

2. When you want to say that it’s time that someone finally does (or stops doing) something.

ไปได้แล้ว [pai dâi léaw]
It’s time to leave! (Hurry up) / Leave already! (stop doing what you’re doing and leave)

ตื่นได้แล้ว [tèun dâi léaw]
It’s time to wake up! (you, sleepyhead) / Wake up already! (you’ve been sleeping too much)

เลิกเล่นได้แล้ว [lêrk lên dâi léaw]
Stop playing games already! (Go do something else)

แต่งงานได้แล้ว [tàeng ngaan dâi léaw]
It’s time you get married. (You’re 35!) (You’ve been dating the guy for 10 years!)

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