Creamy Coconut 20: Give Me A Break
[duration: 36.57]
Storyline: Malisa asked her husband to finish fixing things around the house as quickly as possible so they could leave home to shop. As Thanu was feeling overwhelmed by the things he had to do, and reluctant to go buy the things his wife wanted, his daughter approached and asked him to take her on yet another shopping trip.…

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When you want to say if someone had or hadn’t done something, something else would or wouldn’t have happened, in Thai, we say “ถ้า(ไม่)… ก็คง(จะ)(ไม่)…” [tâa (mâi)… gâw kong (jà)(mâi)…]. Even though “คง(จะ)” [kong (jà)] translates to “probably,” the speaker is usually quite convinced about what they say. Therefore, “คงจะ” [kong (jà)] doesn’t always need to be translated.…

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Song Title: ขอเป็นข้ารองบาททุกชาติไป
kǎw pen kâa rawng bâat túk châat pai
[I Will Be Your Servant In Every Lifetime]

Artist: อัสนีย์ วสันต์ [Atsani-Wasan]

For a version with the lyrics on the screen, click “here.”

The song “ขอเป็นข้ารองบาททุกชาติไป” [kǎw pen kâa rawng bâat túk châat pai] was composed for the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary (December 5th, 2011) by Nitipong Hornark and performed by two of the greatest Thai rock singers of all time, Atsani-Wasan.…

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[kǎw pen kâa rawng bâat túk châat pai]
I will eternally be your loyal servant.

ขอ~ [kǎw] I request / May I..? / Let me…
เป็น [pen] to be
ข้า [kâa] servant / attendant
รอง [rawng] under / to support
(พระ)บาท [(prá)bâat] foot (royal word)
ทุก [túk] every
ชาติ [châat] life / lifetime
ไป [pai] a word expressing continuity (on and on)…

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[châwp phâap níi]
I like this picture.

[duu meǎun prá-ong pen túk yàang kǎwng kon Thai]
It looks like the King was everything to us, Thai people.

[ – – – – Vocabulary – – – – ]

ภาพ [phâap] picture
ดูเหมือน [duu meǎun] It looks like…
พระองค์ [prá-ong] His Majesty / Her Majesty (pronoun)
ทุกอย่าง [túk yàang] everything
คนไทย [kon Thai] Thai people / Thai person…

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Creamy Coconut 19: Where I’ve Been to
[duration: 41.54]

Storyline: Saichon asked his friend about her recent vacation to France. Upon hearing about the places she visited, he was very envious of her. But he himself had just been on a trip to the United States. Why wasn’t he satisfied?

Examples of new vocabulary: Shopping mall, school, bank, museum, bookstore, airport, what’s up?, news, location, photo, the truth.…

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เทศกาลกินเจปีนี้ตรงกับวันที่ 1-9 ตุลาคม 2559
[têetsagaan gin jay pii níi trong gàp wan tîi 1-9 tùlaakom 2559]
The vegetarian (vegan) festival this year falls on October 1st to October 9th.

[rao gin jay pêua arai]
Why go vegan?

1. กินเพื่อสุขภาพ
[gin pêua sùkkaphâap]
For health

2. กินด้วยจิตเมตตา
[gin dûai jìt mêet taa]
For compassion (to animals)


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เทศกาลกินเจ [thêetsagaan gin jay]
The Thai Vegetarian Festival

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

[aahǎan tîi hâam gin nai ráwàang thêetsagaan gin jay]
Foods That You Cannot Eat During the Vegetarian Festival

เนื้อสัตว์ [néua sàt] Meat
อาหารทะเล [aahǎan talay] Seafood
นมและไข่ [nom láe kài] Milk and Egg
หัวหอม [hǔa hǎwm] Onion
กระเทียม [gra tiam] Garlic
ต้นหอม [tôn hǎwm] Spring onion
กุยช่าย [gui châai] Chive
สุรา/เหล้า [suraa/lâo] Alcohol

That’s right, even though it’s known as a “vegetarian” festival.…

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Creamy Coconut 18: Usually Smart
[duration: 37.37]

Storyline: Jay asked a girl he liked out on a date. Then he let his nerves get the best of him and acted foolish around her. He tried to act smart and impress her later, but could he successfully rebuild his image?

Examples of new vocabulary: To push, exit, to close, dangerous, smart, door, to be nervous, to go down, escalator, downstairs, garbage.…

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