14370101_1585329025095697_9012956070708339299_nผู้ชายจะอ้วนขึ้นเมื่อ [pûuchaai jà ûan kêun mêua]
= Things that Make Men Gain Weight
(literal meaning: “Men will get fatter when…”)

กรรมพันธุ์ [gammapan] = Genetics 1%

บวมเบียร์ [buam bia] = Beer 2%
(literal meaning of บวม [buam]: “to be swollen”)

กินเยอะ [gin yér] = Overeating 1%

เมียกินไม่หมด [mia gin mâi mòt] = Their wives can’t finish their food 96%



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[sǎwng wan nai chiiwít]
Two days in our lives

[tîi rao mâi sǎamâat tam arai dâai loei]
on which we can’t do anything at all

[keu mêua waan níi gàp wan prûng níi]
are yesterday and tomorrow.

[mii piang wan diao]
There is only one day

[pen wan tîi dii tîi sùd]
that’s the best day,

[tîi rao sǎamâat tam arai gâw dâai]
the day where we can do anything.…

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Creamy Coconut 17: My Future Plan
[duration: 39.05]

Storyline: Gyoza had recently been heartbroken over a breakup with her boyfriend due to her weight gain. She consulted her best friend, Jelly, about what to do to next. Let’s find out what she decided to do.

Examples of new vocabulary: Breakfast, egg noodles, to stir-fry, to boil, weight, meal, type, question, to avoid, how long?, crazy.…

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There are two main situations where you can use the expression “verb + ได้แล้ว,” as follows.

1. When you want to express that you or someone can now do something or that something is ready.

กินได้แล้ว [gin dâi léaw]
You can eat now. (the food is ready)

นั่งได้แล้ว [nâng dâi léaw]
You can sit now.…

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Everyone knows “หนึ่ง” [nèung] means “one.” But many times, we use the term “เดียว” [diaw] instead, to emphasize the meaning. You can think of it as meaning “only one.” In the contexts where we usually emphasize the fact that there is only one of something, we use the word “เดียว” [diaw] instead of “หนึ่ง [nèung].”

For example, we say “คนเดียว” [kon diaw] instead of “หนึ่งคน” [nèung kon] for “alone.” When you are alone, you are not with anyone else.…

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Did you know Thai people say “ซอส” [sáwd] for “sauce” and “มะเขือเทศ” [mákěutêet] for “tomato” but when we say “ซอสมะเขือเทศ” [sáwd mákěutêet], 90% of the time, we actually refer to “ketchup” and not “tomato sauce”?…

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[wítii chaná adìit dâai dii tîi sùd keu gaan yawm ráp man]
The best way to overcome your past is to accept it. …

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